Strategic Partners


Return Path - Since 1999, Return Path has helped top marketers build relevant relationships with their customers, generating higher response rates and achieving significant returns on investment with their email program. KobeMail has partnered with Return Path and licensed technology which constantly monitors the reputation of a sender at many ISPs and institutions worldwide.

Sender Score Certified - Since 2002, Sender Score platform (formerly Bonded Sender), the industry’s pioneering delivery assurance service, has helped thousands of mailers increase their email delivery success. This is a leading accreditation system and whitelist used by more than 35,000 receiving domains, including MSN, Hotmail and Roadrunner, covering more than 250 million email mailboxes worldwide. KobeMail is a TRUSTe® certified reseller of this service. To learn more about this program visit Sender Score Certified.
Habeas - Habeas is an email trust authority that re-establishes email delivery as a reliable business communications medium. Habeas enables commercial email senders to certify their communications as legitimate, and helps ISPs and message security vendors make better, more efficient decisions about how to sort inbound mail.
Port25 - Port25 provides specialized email infrastructure software products that address the unique demands of customer communications and email marketing applications. PowerMTA, Port25's flagship product, provides senders with superior performance and advanced features to proactively manage their sender reputations.
Clients - We are proud of the companies that have chosen to work with us and what we have achieved together. We are committed to ensuring that the technology, services and expertise we offer meet the often diverse and constantly changing needs of our most valuable assets. Some of our customers are listed below: