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KobeCertified® Program

Spam has become the number one issue for ISPs, and has forced them to implement stringent authentication, filters, checks and balances for emails to be delivered to a user’s inbox.  Multiple levels of filters have been implemented to prevent unwanted emails from getting through. In this process to block out spam, many reputable and valid emails are also blocked or junked. While the users enjoy a spam-free environment, it leads to "false positives" whereby non-spam email (or as we call it - kobemail) gets blocked.

A KobeCertified email is an identity and a pass for email senders, assuring receivers that the email being sent is authentic and should be delivered to the inbox.  KobeMail has implemented the KobeCertified process which encapsulates multiple accreditation programs, authentication standards, ISP relationships and industry best-practices to achieve a high level of deliverability.  

However, we have stringent policies to be KobeCertified and maintain the status. We have entered into agreement with numerous ISPs and need to adhere to the standards with them, in exchange for getting Trusted Sender / Whitelist status. Being KobeCertified translates to reputable, authentic and good mailer status with ISPs.


How do I get KobeCertified?

  • Pass Eligibility to be enrolled in program
  • Have a “true” opt-in list
  • Maintain a complaint rate of under 0.5%
  • Consent to allow the KobeMail API to monitor user subscribes/opt-ins and unsubscribe/opt-out requests
  • Agree to KobeMail adding test names to your list. Our API automatically adds 1-2 records per 10k names for monitoring purposes
  • Agree to consult with KobeMail Delivery Assurance team on a periodic basis
  • Maintain low bounce rates