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Deliverability Overview

Database Hygiene

The first step to improving email delivery is to make sure that the email database is well maintained. The KobeMail Data Management and Integration Group facilitates flawless data exchange between clients and our systems. We ensure the most accurate, complete and relevant dataset is available for customer targeting and offer personalization. All our data services are designed to improve the cost-effectiveness of our clients’ marketing programs.

By retrieving information directly from our clients’ relational database, KobeMail is able to target and customize campaigns based on preferences. We also use queries to increase message open rates, click-throughs, and return on investment. In addition, we perform the following tasks:

  • Keep lists scrubbed of bad addresses
  • Manage and comply with recipients’ subscribe/unsubscribe requests
  • Check all data against the Melissa Database
  • and update recipient HTML capabilities for maximum productivity

Email Authentication

Gone are the days that an email reached the inbox on a simple click. Increasing spam emails have forced ISPs to implement strict multi-level filters. These filters, while helping prevent unwanted emails from getting through, also stop many opt-in emails from getting through. This unfavorably affects email communication with customers. Spam is a threat to users and companies alike, and it undermines the email medium as a whole because it erodes people's confidence in its reliability. Here is where the KobeMail Platform makes a difference for genuine email communication.

We keep our clients updated with the latest industry standards and authentication requirements and ensure that all outbound emails meet them. Some of the authentication standards are DomainKeys/DKIM, Sender ID, and SPF. If these terms are alien to you - don't worry! Our Delivery Assurance team will take care of everything for you.

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KobeCertified® Program

KobeMail empowers our clients with the ability to become whitelisted with over 30,000 ISPs and institutions. We provide assurance that our clients are whitelisted by using various reputation and accreditation programs, encompassed in the KobeCertified process. KobeCertified enables the email to be trusted and ensures that is delivered to the recipient’s inbox*.

In addition, KobeCertified email provides our customers with a program which is the standard for acceptance status at AOL, MSN/Hotmail, Yahoo, United Online and other leading ISPs. The program establishes a framework of policies to which all participants agree to adhere, at all times.

Using these certifications and programs, KobeMail ensures an increase in deliverability rates. We constantly monitor major ISPs and domains to enable undisrupted email deliverability. KobeMail provides this at no additional charge!

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Content Evaluation

Have you ever wondered how your email will look to your users? KobeMail takes out the guesswork and shows how the messages are rendered within leading email clients. KobeMail helps determine the following:

  • How the campaigns will appear across all major email clients
  • Whether HTML code will break
  • Whether campaigns will fail the most common filtering packages

KobeMail pinpoints the problem areas for a particular creative before it's deployed. Clients can view their message content across all major email clients to determine if it looks as it was intended. This email is then monitored in different email clients, including browser-based services, free ISPs, paid services, and corporate email systems. With this process, KobeMail makes sure our clients strengthen the inbox rates for campaigns.

Inbox Monitoring

Your message can't be heard if it doesn't make it into the inbox. KobeMail measures where emails are placed at the major ISPs and domains (inbox / bulk / missing), in order to see if emails are being seen and read. A simulation can also be run BEFORE the campaign is actually sent. This allows our clients to identify and fix any issues beforehand, and improve results of their email campaigns.

KobeMail also documents the findings to give our clients a concrete target for tracking results and improvements over time.

*Certain ISPs will allow KobeMail assigned IPs to be whitelisted but the email may still be routed to the bulk folder by content filters or abuse reprorting by their users.